Knife and Gun Show Television

Imagine attending a knife and gun show from the comfort and privacy of your easy chair. Well, now it's possible with the world's first televised Knife and Gun Show! Whether you are a knife or gun collector, shooting enthusiast, survivalist, or hunter, you will find what you are looking for at the Knife and Gun Show channel on Roku. Here is where you can buy or sell your own gun show related merchandise, without the hassle of attending a traditional show. There are no huge crowds to contend with, no entrance fees for buyers, and no parking fees either.


Looking to Buy?

If you have Wifi and the amazing Roku streaming media player, you can watch the Knife and Gun Show channel for free! Browse through the many "video tables" and find exactly what you are looking for, all from the convenience of your living room. Each video table represents a separate vendor with unique merchandise, and you never know what great deals you will see. Just like a traditional walk-in gun show, this televised event is available every day, with fresh content being added all the time. Also, watch our live TV show every Saturday at 7:00 PM Eastern, where we feature many items for your shopping and viewing pleasure.


Looking to Sell?

On the Knife and Gun Show channel you may display items that would routinely be seen at a typical gun or knife show. These items include, but are not limited to, guns, firearm accessories, knives, ammunition, military surplus, survival related merchandise, tactical lighting, jewelry, coins, watches, books and magazines, clothing, safes, furniture, etc. It's easy to create your "video table" and it's more economical to display items here, instead of at a traditional gun show. You need a smartphone to record your pitch, and a few items or services you are ready to display. That's it! To learn more about becoming a vendor, click on the Vendor Info link.

Introduction Video