About Knife and Gun Show

The Knife and Gun Show has been using the power of television marketing for more than a decade. In 2006 we began sharing products, every week, on Dish Network, and later on DirecTV, in prime time. Featuring collectible pocket knives, and shooting accessories, we have serviced thousands of satisfied customers with quality products and wholesome entertainment.

With full television studios, satellite uplink, and call center facilities located in North Carolina, we are poised to help you capture the power of emerging technologies, putting new television delivery methods to work on your behalf. Never before has it been so affordable to reach out to this niche audience that appreciates the products you specialize in.

Our team of professionals are here to guide you through every step of presenting your products, services, or information to our audience. We will show you just how easy it is to go from desire to destiny when you decide to partner with us.

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