Vendor Info

Interested in selling products on the Knife and Gun Show channel? Here is some information that shows just how easy it is to get started, today!

A "video table" consists of a five minute video, or a group of ten pictures. Vendors can create a video, on any smartphone, and send it to us via the internet. Or, they can take up to ten photos of products, and email them to us for assembly into a televised slideshow. If pictures are used, each photo will be on screen for a duration of thirty seconds. Five minutes really is a long time, but if an additional table is needed to display even more products, you may submit a ten minute video, or twenty photos for a slideshow. Slightly higher rates apply for these additional table packages.

Tables contain vendor contact information, and are kept active for thirty days. A basic table package will allow vendors to submit up to two videos per month. Optional packages allow for up to four video submissions per month. If you are using photos for your table, we can delete photos of items that you have already sold, once you notify us by email.

All submitted videos and photos are processed to meet our production standards at no additional cost. However, additional video and photo editing services are available, as an optional service. These services would include overlaying contact information, pricing, or other graphics over your video, or photos. Prices will vary if you request anything other than basic editing, according to complexity.

Viewers will be able to browse through the tables on their television, and if your merchandise appeals to them, they will have your contact information readily available. The customer will call you directly to consummate the transaction, as we are not involved in the purchase process at all. We collect no commissions on sales made from your table. You are responsible for selling and shipping your merchandise. We do not get involved with customer or vendor dispute resolutions either. We do reserve the right to remove any vendor that generates repeat complaints about the representation of product, poor shipping practices, or submitting inappropriate content. Please observe all local, state and federal regulations when processing your transactions, and shipping your merchandise.

Table Technical Information

Table videos can be recorded from any Android or Iphone smartphone. Videos must be under five minutes if you have purchased a single table. It is not necessary to fill up the full five minutes, but a minimum duration of sixty seconds of content is required. After you are satisfied with your video, it will be uploaded to our servers via an application that is installed on your phone. When we receive your video, it will be processed to meet our quality standards. If you have purchased a basic editing option, we will edit your video accordingly. Afterwards, your table video will be posted to the television channel and be available for immediate viewing.

If you would rather use still photos as content for your table, you will be provided an email address to send them to, as an attachment. We process the photos, and upload them to our servers in the form of a slideshow. Each photo is displayed for thirty seconds. Pictures should be taken in the landscape mode, holding your phone horizontally for the widest view. Careful attention to proper lighting and focus will give your merchandise the best chance of selling. If you wish to include a graphical screen with text, or other information, it must be sized to 1280 x 720 pixels, and be in the .jpg format.

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