Table Pricing

A “Table” is defined as a video segment with five minutes or less of content. Alternatively a table can be a series of ten photographs, which we will assemble into a slideshow. Tables will appear on the Knife and Gun Show Roku channel, and will be available for viewing at anytime during the vendor subscription period. With the basic packages, you may change your video twice per month. Vendor Table leases last one month, or one year, depending on the package you select. The longer the term, the lower the price. Also, there is a special discount afforded to those who subscribe, and prepay, for a one year table lease.

Single Table Package

One five minute or less video, or ten photo slideshow

Monthly price: $39

Annual price (pre-paid): $360

Double Table Package

One ten minute or less video, or twenty photo slideshow

Monthly price: $59

Annual price (pre-paid): $559

Additional Tables quoted upon request.

Optional Services

Basic Editing

This service can provide enhancements to your submitted videos and photos, including:

Trimming excess intro and outro footage

Adjusting video parameters such as brightness, contrast, hue, etc.

Adding royalty free music

Adding contact information graphics at the bottom of your videos (lower thirds)

Monthly price: $19

Annual price (pre-paid) $149

Weekly Video Submission

If you wish to update your table weekly, instead of only twice per month, additional charges will apply.

Monthly price: $9

Annual price (pre-paid) $69

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